Sizing Information

At Shop Rooted and Free we carry many different brands and aim to offer many different clothing styles. While we cannot provide a full size chart due to the assortment of brands we carry (all brands have different sizing measurements) we do want to help give you a general direction in sizing. 
General Sizing: 
X-Small: 0/2
Small: 4/6
Medium: 8/10
Large: 12/14
X-Large: 14/16
Please keep in mind, this is a general size chart and that every woman's body is different, my size 6 or 8 and your size 6 or 8 fits differently because our bodies are different! Also remember, your body fluctuates throughout the month -- what fits today may not fit tomorrow because well, our bodies are always changing, holding water weight, bloat etc! Remember, you are worthy and beautiful no matter what size you wear yesterday, today, tomorrow!
To help you further with sizing, you will also find descriptions and fit tips in all of our products listings. The model sizing will be listed on the fit tip with what they are wearing and how they find it to fit. Be sure to read the fit tip to help you choose your sizing & don't hesitate to reach out if you would like specific measurements of a garment size. 
    Note, we will also do try-ons on Instagram to talk through the fit of each item in addition to the sizing comments are on each listing. You can find them saved in our highlight bubbles with the date that the product was launched! Can't find it in the highlight bubbles? Send us a DM and we will send you the video!