How To Style: Button Down Blouse

There are many classic pieces that every single women needs in her closet. Whether it is a good pair of jeans, everyday jewelry or a white button down you truly will get so much wear out of classic pieces that you are able to dress up or down any day of the week. 
As you build your closet it is fun to add in all the trendy pieces but we truly believe that to curate a closet that you not only love but one that never leaves you saying "I have nothing to wear" you need a few key pieces to build on. 
Today, we are going to dive into one way to style a classic white button down. In our feature today we are highlighting our short sleeve pocket blouse and we will be dressing it up but don't be afraid to pair this with any skirt, shorts (yep, even denim ones) or bottom because the best part about this top, it literally goes with everything! 
Whether you are dressing up for the office, for a meeting or whatever event you find yourself going to this black and white outfit is one that you can grab for again and again. Paired with neutral heels and simple jewelry this outfit goes from day to night easily and gives you true comfort with lots of style. 
We love this top paired with our soft washed straight leg pants and these nude heels I had in my closet.
Here are some other pieces we carry that we love with this outfit include belts and jewelry. 

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