4 New Spring Dresses

I know that summer is just around the corner and for us in Florida truthfully, it feels like it is already here because of the weather but, I know that for many of you from around the country, the weather is just starting to turn and spring is finally showing up!
Spring always brings a renewed sense of life - with the sun shining, the more relaxed schedules on the horizon and the change in fashion...it all gets me amped up for what is to come. 
At Rooted and Free, our goal is to help you dress for the season of life you are in - not just the weather season but the season of school winding down, brunches with friends, baby and bridal showers, etc. When we think of spring and summer wear, we always think of dresses, especially bright colored and floral prints. 
Last week, we launched 4 new dresses and you ladies have loved them as much as we do! This is a new brand to us and we can't wait to continue to order from them because the fit, quality and price is just what the doctor ordered for a little retail therapy. 
Our must have's for spring dresses" --
  1. Versatility - We want to be able to dress them up or down with a change of accessories and shoes!
  2. Layering - Spring in Florida basically means summer but we know that isn't true for everyone. We want dresses that can be easily layered with jackets and cardigans for those chilly days. 
  3. Fun prints - Fall and winter fashion can be so subtle and what we love most about spring and summer is the prints and bright colors
  4. Quality - Sometimes, when buying lightweight, affordable dresses from big box stores you are left with a dress you wore once, twice if you are lucky! We look for high quality pieces that will last you many seasons and many years if cared for right. 

Ready to see our newest arrivals?

Here are 4 recent dresses we added to our collection and we are just smitten with them! Which is your favorite? We would love to know in the comments below. 

*Please note, these products are current on the date the blog post was published. If you click the link and get an error, the product has sold out. Please visit our homepage to see our newest arrivals.

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