2024 Trend Report: Patterns of Spring/Summer

If you are anything like me (and I am guessing you are because my social media is filled with similar posts) you are ready for spring and summer to arrive. I have loved the colder weather we have had this winter here in Florida but, warm weather awaits us and I think we are all itching for the sunshine and days spent outside!
As we continue to shop and prep for Spring and Summer here at Rooted and Free I wanted to share with you the trends and hot items you will see from the runway to main street and everywhere in between. 
If you missed my posts on the colors of spring and summer for the year you can read that post here. Today, we are going to dive into the patterns and textures of fabrics you are going to see!
From clothing to accessories and even home decor you are going to see these girly fabrics all over no matter where you look!
While we love to focus a lot on comfortable, everyday wear (where you can also see these trends too) we have had fun getting you dressed up for the events in your life as well and these trends have hit our site in the very best way!
If you are ready to jump into the trends, check out a few of the items we have available and ready to shop today in each of these patterns!
Florals -
Tulle -
Lace -
Ribbons -

*Please note, these products are current on the date the blog post was published. If you click the link and get an error, the product has sold out. Please visit our homepage to see our newest arrivals. 

*Trend report and color swatch images via The Boutique Hub trend report. 

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